I Saw the Sign!

Name that tune!

So, I’ve been stalking the weather reports and any time I see sunshine and at least a high of 45 degrees I bundle up and high tail it outside to fiddle about in the yard.  You know…making plans and wishing it were warm enough to plant stuff.  This year will be my first attempt to grow an edible garden.  I have mixed feelings of excitement from success and nervousness from failure.  Either way, at least I can say that I tried.

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Oh Spring…where art thou?


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Happy Monday my friends!  I sincerely hope you all had a wonderfully blessed weekend…and for you all who feel like you did not…know that prayers have been sent your way! :-)Here in Georgia, it snowed all weekend!  How cool is that?  We woke up Saturday morning to 1/8 inch of snow on our deck…couldn’t get our sleds out fast enough! Ha!
Really though…it has been super cold here and we really did get some flurries.  This frigid weather has not thwarted my anticipation for spring!!