Wabbit in the Gahden


“Hunting me a wabbit!”  Aw man, I miss those early Saturday mornings waking up in anticipation of watching Bugs Bunny and all the classics.  Remember those days?

Well, times have changed and I no longer am a fan of flippin’ rabbits.  Let me explain myself.  I love gardening.  Not necessarily all the work that is involved but definitely the outcome.  Plants, trees, bushes, flowers…greenery and nature, I just can’t get enough of  (minus bugs).  AND MINUS RABBITS!  I mentioned a few blogs back that my lilies were getting ready to bloom and since then they have bloomed!  I heart them so much.  Mostly because my mom dug them up from her yard and gave them to me.  Initially, I was nervous about planting them because we have a lot of deer and I hear deer like lilies.  I searched different ways to ward the deer off and after Craig refused to save his urine for me (what?) I decided on this product. 

It’s called Liquid Fence.  I ordered it online a few months back and it has just been sitting in my garage…until now.   
Confession time…
Every time I pull into our driveway, I stop, roll down the window, and admire the small flower bed at the corner of our yard.  Funny thing is, it really isn’t even that impressive.  I just get all giddy inside when I notice a new flower bloom.  Corny?  Perhaps. : )
So, this is where the rabbit fits in.  Tonight, arriving home from work, I do my usual drive by when I notice a rabbit next to the lilies.  “Cute” was my initial thought, but then I notice the “cute” little rabbit has knocked down 2 lily stalks (3 ft tall)!! Grrrrr…..
I yell at the rabbit.
The rabbit just stares at me.
I honk my horn at the rabbit.
Still…staring back at me.
Dang it!
I pull up my hand brake and jump out of my car and literally run the rabbit off. 
Immediately, I pull out the Liquid Fence and pour it around all my plants.  Ooooooohweeeeee!!  That stuff is smelly!  I just hope it works (fingers crossed).
Do you gardeners have any tricks or tips to keep away deer and rabbits? 


06/26/2012 11:05pm

I have always heard that spreading human hair around the bed will work…since you can’t get your husband to save his urine 🙂 , which is an effective method. So the next time you get your hair trimmed, save the clippings 🙂


Jay F.
06/27/2012 12:07am

My trick is a gun:-)
Shoot dem wasscially wabbitts!! LOL.


06/27/2012 1:20pm

Do you sell BB guns? 🙂

06/27/2012 1:20pm

hmmm….I shall try that


06/27/2012 9:30pm

Deer season is around the corner. I can take care of a few for you 🙂


06/27/2012 11:44pm

Please do!!!! Actually, deer aren’t really a problem UNTIL deer season comes around. You hunters drive them out of the woods!!!!!

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