One Extreme to Another

Oh man…yesterday I did squat diddly (that’s a word).  No really…nuh-theeeeeng!  Ever have one of those days? Silly question.  The thing about it is that I had a butt-load of things to get done. At the end of the day I despised my useless self.   
However, I was not going to let laziness ruin today.  Crossfit and cook dinner were the only 2 things that I didn’t get to do.  (Don’t worry, Craig brought dinner home) 
So, what got done today at the Chandlers?  
1.  Got the whole house clean!! Okay, I had a little help.

What?  My baby sister needed a little extra mulah!  Just trying to help out the economy 🙂
2.  All the laundry.  I know…crazy, but here’s proof:

3.  Finished the window trim in the sunroom.

Looks pretty good huh?  Let’s take another look…



Tried to add end cap but it was a no go. 😦


4.  Pulled some weeds and mulched some beds.  I only mulch a little at a time because I always underestimate how much mulch I need…not on purpose.


More lilies!  Obsessed.. I know.

5.  Drove to the big town of Resaca and spent some time with my lovely mother.
6.  Wrote this blog!
Hmmm..only 6 things complete.  Well, it seemed like a lot in my head.  
Just want to add one more thing.  We hired someone to come out and clear some of our land and they did 
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  I can’t even believe everything that these 3 guys got done.


Man, I am so flippin’ excited!!  I have been stressed over this all year.  They did so much more but these are the only before and after pics I have.  If any of my followers (all 3 of you) in the Cartersville area have a job like this to be completed, I highly recommend Evan’s Landscaping.  They have great rates too! 
Alright…adios amigos!  
Who’s getting ready for Magic Mike??

I hate comments...SAID NOONE EVER! ;-)

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