Yummy and Healthy!

Hey hey errbody!  I should so delete that and use proper english…buttttt I’m not. 
I tried out a new and tasty recipe tonight and I am soooo excited to share it!  I found it on the blog PaleOMG.  For all you Crossfitters, please visit her site.  She crossfits, has a blog full of Paleo recipes, AND she is flippin’ hilarious!!  Seriously, she cracks me up so go visit her!  
The recipe is called “Chicken Enchilada Stew”.  Watch out cause it is S-to-the-PICY!  I know, I know…who makes a stew in 100 degree weather?  This girl!  
One of the best things about this recipe is the simple use of a crockpot!  So all I had to do was take all of this…

…and dump it into this…

…for a final result of this.

Oh man!  The avocado garnish just finishes it off.  I am so looking forward to using my leftovers to make some lettuce wraps for lunch tomorrow.  Best part about this is that it is healthy, healthy, healthy!  This meal has landed a spot on my favorites list for sure!  Hope ya’ll try it and enjoy it as much as we did!!  
Click here for full recipe. 
Later gators!


07/04/2012 11:43pm

It was yummmmmmy!!! Great job on the blog babe. You make me so proud!!


07/06/2012 4:09pm


07/05/2012 11:26pm

after a long day at work…I left after 10…I came home hoping for some entertaining post (as there always is) and there is none, me so sad. Please cure this need of mine will you?


07/06/2012 4:10pm

So sorry to disappoint! Sorry about your day too!

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