Fine Dining


Hello all! Happy Hump Day!  Anyone notice anything different?  I changed up my site design!  This one seems to be a little easier on the eyes.  Plus, the blog area is wider so now you don’t have to keep scrolling down into the abyss.  I also added a contact page so that if you don’t want to make a public comment, you can email me personally if you want to chat or if you have questions about myself or my blog, etc.  Speaking of comments…comment people!!  I have the ability to see how many people view my site but I have no idea who you are.  I love comments!!!  I really am curious about what you are thinking and I thank the ones who have been commenting…you know who you are 🙂
Recently, my mom had surgery on her hand.  She is unable to use it for 4 weeks which means she is unable to drive.  This also means that she is catching cabin fever!  So, I drove up to Resaca to pay her a visit and take her for an outing.  First on the agenda, lunch!  She is a pretty picky eater and so I always let her choose wherever we go.  I told her we can go anywhere…and this is what she chooses…

Yep…that’s right.  Long John Silvers…one of her favorite restaurants.  Oh…mom.  Sweet, sweet, simple mom.  Bless her clotted artery soul.  My mother is a lovely lady and I love her dearly.  You better believe that I give her a hard time about eating greasy foods like this.  She then proceeds to tell me that she doesn’t always eat it…only when I take her there.  So, it’s my fault then?  The only reason I take her is cause I know she loves it…and I like to make her happy :-).  See below…this is a happy mom…

Yes…I ate it as well. 😦

Oh look!  Who knew they had “smart choices”!

I try to talk to mom about eating healthier and she claims she can’t afford it.  That may very well be true.  It is darn expensive to buy quality meats and veggies.  Isn’t it sad though?  That some people can only afford to buy the processed junk that comes in boxes and never goes bad.  Man.  
All I can do is stay on her like goose poop on Bella. (don’t ask)  I’m a firm believer that a lot of the inflammatory disorders so many of us suffer from is caused by the crap that enters our bodies.  My mom suffers from psoriasis and arthritis…all caused by inflammation.  Wonder what would happen if her diet completely changed?  Wonder if she could ever do it.  I don’t think that my mom has ever eaten 4 servings of veggies in a year, much less a day.  (love you mom) This is my random blog for the week.  Actually, most of them have turned out to be pretty random… 
Alright, people!  I’ve gotta get off here and go pack for our trip to LA.  Going to cheer on our team, Crossfit Adrenaline, at the Crossfit Games!!  Super duper excited!
Peace out and eat clean!!!


Jessi Shaffer
07/11/2012 4:43pm

Me! Me! I read them 🙂 I enjoy them as well. You are a very smart and pretty Lady! (random comment to go with random blog:) )


07/12/2012 10:47pm

Haha! Thanks Jessi!


Billy Hodgson
07/11/2012 5:05pm

You are eating this just before you’re going to the crossfit games in California! How dare you! haha


07/12/2012 10:47pm



Linda Welch
07/11/2012 5:15pm

I do so love your post honey girl! Now this one……Your Mom would be like trying to teach an old dog new tricks……don’t think it’s gonna happen! I sooooo love my sister but our Mom allowed her eat whatever she wanted(she was the BABY) We know how that goes! She does need to take much better care of herself, we aren’t getting any younger (or healthier) Good luck!!!!! I am trying (at 59) to eat better and it is HARD!!!! I am getting there though:) I love you all with all my heart ❤ always ❤


07/11/2012 11:25pm

well Im glad you love your mom as much as you do and that you are there for her…shes awesome! but seriously…long john silvers? haha…I remember when you use to drive thru Captain D’s for Craig….ewwww!!! I do agree with you the nasty food we eat causes…well, basically anything bad that goes on with our bodies that we aren’t born with, but its so freaking good those processed things! I wish things were different. Sighs (I just ate enchiladas, rice and beans and I will regret it, tomorrow but for tonight I am satisfied).

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