Well, we made it to “The Golden State” safe and sound!  The hubs and I made this trip to support our box, CF Adrenaline, as they compete in the Crossfit Games.   I was pretty excited until we stepped off the plane.  LA isn’t really much to brag about.  Except for the amazing coastlines. Oh, and the amazing weather (in the 70s). There also seems to be a lack of “well-nourished” people around here.  It’s not like what you see on TV.  Then again, I just got here.  I’m not in the know…and…I really probably just don’t know what I am talking about.  

However, I DO know that everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by crossfitters.  Seriously!  They are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  How do I know they are crossfitters you may ask?  Aside from their t’shirts that read “crossfit”…   
No really, I can tell they are affiliated with the crossfit community by the look of pride on their face.  
The way that they carry themselves.
Their unusually large forearms.
The smiles that they share.
They make me feel happy to be a part of their world…
…and a bit inadequate.
Almost to the point where I feel just a tad ashamed to call myself a crossfitter.  I mean, these competitors are crazy strong.  Like workout twice a day six days a week strong…and I’m pretty sure I’m underestimating here.  I’m not comparing myself to the competitors.  Lord no.  Just stating the fact that I could be so much more than I already am.  We all could be more…even if it’s just a tiny eensy weensy bit.  Just have to get our minds right.  Amazing how much control the mind has…
Really, excited about seeing these athletes in action this weekend.  Oooh, what if I run into one of the big dogs?  Like Rich Froning, or Annie Thorisdottir, or Camille LeBlanc, or Rich Froning, or Kristan Clever, or Spencer Hendel, or Rich Froning…

On a different note, I am loving the landscaping around here! 



Cowabunga dudes!!
(That’s Cali lingo in case you didn’t know)


Deb D.
07/13/2012 1:56am

Luisa, glad you and Craig were able make the trip. Cheer extra loud for all of us who weren’t able to go. Really enjoy reading your blog! Have a great time and be safe…don’t let Craig get you into trouble, LOL!!!!


07/13/2012 11:48pm

Thanks Deb!! My throat is already sore from cheering so loud!

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