Dessert Disaster…Almost


Another weekend has flown by!  I had a houseful.  My friends Amy and Cilla were visiting from Boston.  Another friend, Bonnie (Amy’s twin) and her two kids (ages 5 and 3) were visiting from Florida.  Lots of good times were made and I say the same thing every time…wish we all lived closer.  Oh well.  These are the types of friends that you have had forever and even though you only see each other a couple times a year, nothing ever changes.  Know what I mean?  I love that.  
Today marks day #7 that the hubs and I have started our own strict Paleo challenge.  We are shooting for 90 days and so far so good.  
Scratch that.
Craig had a little mishap the other night.  My non-Paleo friends ordered pizza and Craig snuck in a slice.  He said it was totally worth it.  I believed him.
Well, I decided that I needed some sort of dessert for the weekend.  My favorite candy is Reece’s.  Hands down, that creamy peanut buttery goodness is ah-may-zing.  Not allowed to have peanuts or anything processed so I decided to make my own.   


I gathered (like a caveman) these 3 ingredients.  Pure honey, unsweetened choco bars, and almond butter.  I melted the chocolate as directed and put a little in some mini cupcake cups.  Then, I painted the edges to make the outside choco part.  I stuck that pan in the freezer for a few to harden the chocolate.  Then, I mixed a little (lot) of honey into the almond butter.  I was just guessing amounts here.  Had no idea what I was doing.  So, then I placed a dollop of butter into the cups and put it back into freezer for a few minutes to harden the butter.  


Melted down some more chocolate for the top layer.  Did the whole freezer thing for the third time and tada!

Don’t they look delicious?  
Pictures can be deceiving.
There is a reason that I wasn’t more specific with how I made these…and that is because they should never be made again…ever.  Never ever.
My 5 year old friend spit it out immediately.  Poor guy.  I tried to warn him.  
I know the mistake I made.  I didn’t sweeten the chocolate at all, so it was extremely bitter.  Should have added honey or just make my own chocolate.  Lesson learned.  Even though it didn’t satisfy my sweet tooth I still ate them.  I was desperate.

I hate comments...SAID NOONE EVER! ;-)

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