Embellished Frame


Oh man…the coffee is taking it’s sweet time interacting with the central nervous system this morning.  


Okay.  So I’ve been really bad at gift giving lately.  Bad as in, buying gift cards for everyone.  Not thoughtful at all.  I’m working on that though.  When mother’s day rolled around I racked my brain about what I could get for my sister.  Something unique and something she would appreciate.  She recently had some family photos taken so I thought it would be cute to make a picture frame for her.  
I started with this super cute frame I got for half off at Hobby Lobby. 


This is what I ended up with.

Adorable right?  
I painted the inside of the frame because it was too dark up against the picture.  
I spray painted the “T” and some burlap fabric the same color, Robin’s Egg.  Then, I cut little flowers out of the burlap.  The peach flower I had left over from a wreath I made so I just pulled the flower off of the stem and hot glued them all to the frame.  I had the buttons left over from previous projects so I just decided to add them in too.  Why not?

I was just going to leave it at that…with just the flowers and the letter T.  Had a few friends over the night I made this and after a couple bottles of wine, they came up with the idea to spell out my sister’s last name in buttons.  Who knew that fermented grape juice could foster creative ideas?  It was a group effort.

I love it and more importantly my sister loves it too.  Seriously, gonna have to make myself one.  
Would you guys prefer a gift like this or a gift card? 
Do you have other ideas for cute homemade gifts?


07/24/2012 12:51pm

Def the frame. Gorgeous!


Linda Welch
07/24/2012 6:39pm

For dang sure….the frame! I just love it (I think because it is so unique & personal)


Dana Esslinger
07/24/2012 7:33pm

Oh, Luisa!!! You are so crafty! I love the frame!!!


07/26/2012 9:20pm

Thanks Dana!

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