Moving to Maine


Just kidding.
Maine is beautiful this time of year.  The hubs and I went to Cape Elizabeth with some friends of ours to run our first 10K (6.2miles).  

TD Beach to Beacon


Photo Credit: Kevin Morris
Almost 7,000 people completed this beautiful scenic race.  I never really wanted to run the race.  It was all Craig’s idea.  Surprisingly.  Although, now I am so glad I did it.  Forgot how much I love races.  
Craig did realllllly well.  I am so proud of him.  Of course, we both can’t really walk like a normal person right now.  I contribute that to the lack of training…as in, we didn’t run (long distance) for 8 months.  Dumb move.  I guess we can thank Crossfit for our survival.  

Still Smiling!!
Finish line!

Photo Credit: Kevin Morris
The rest of our trip consisted of a massage, eating, exploring, talking about bowel movements, and stalking George Bush’s home.  
I LOVE the homes in Maine.  They are too cute.  If it were up to me I would have dedicated a whole day to driving around and photographing houses.  Oh well.

Random pictures

The Bush home in Kennebunkport

Making out in front of the Bush home

Piece of Maine I swiped…what?
I leave my fine blog readers with one final picture.  One that has perplexed us all.  
Is it a small animal?
Is it a weave?
Is Cilla’s suitcase growing hair?

Have a super day!

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