5 Things I am Thankful for Today {1}


Everyday I thank God for so many things.  
Especially the little things.
I’ve decided to create a little series to remind us to appreciate and not take for granted the simple things in life.
So…here we go…

1.  Underwear

Okay…so some people may not be able to relate as they are more comfy commando.  I, on the other hand, am sooooo grateful for underwear.  Have you ever tried to go without?  I’ve been forced to before and I always felt like other people that I encountered somehow “knew” my secret.  Know what I mean?  What about while wearing jeans?  Ouchie!!  No thank you.

2. LaCroix Water


Have you guys tried this stuff?  I L-O-V-E it!  Never been a fan of sparkling water until I tried LaCroix.  As you can see on the ad it is calorie, sweetener, and sodium free!  How awesome is that?  Be careful with other brands…they sneak a little sodium in.  They have just a touch of flavoring and is very refreshing.  Satisfies that craving for carbonation without all the sugar!  

3.  Air Conditioning


With this Georgia heat who isn’t thankful for their air conditioner?  I grew up without one and so I know how it is to walk around the house all day wearing only underwear (common topic today).  Seriously, it is a luxury to have an air conditioner so be grateful!  Oh…and I give major kudos to those who work outdoor jobs!  I don’t know how you do it but someone has to and I thank you! 
Am I overusing explanation marks?

4.  Cuddle buggies

How sweet is this?  Some pets don’t like to cuddle, but I am thankful that mine do.  There is nothing more that makes them happier than lying right by their owners side.  It’s nice to feel loved 🙂

5.  Will Ferrell


Having a bad day?  Feeling down?  Just watch a flick starring Will Ferrell…he’ll make every thing better again.  Using goofy and unintelligent humor, he makes peeing my pants a near-miss.  Thank you, Will Ferrell, for making me smile.

There you have it.  Five things I am thankful for.

What are you thankful for today?


Craig Chandler
08/15/2012 2:18pm

i am thankfull for my wifey


08/16/2012 10:43am

Love you!


Melissa Keyes
08/15/2012 3:53pm

The dish washer! I didn’t have one growing up. I need to remind myself of this every time I feel to lazy to unload it now, unloading is a lot easier than washing, drying and putting them away.


08/16/2012 10:43am

Good one Melissa!


Linda Welch
08/15/2012 6:34pm

I am thankful for the air i breath (although it is HOT) I am alive to do so! I am thankful for such a loving niece that i love very much….but wait that covers a lot of niece’s and can’t forget the nephew’s, oh heck all my beloved family!!!!!! I am thankful for you, my awesome Luisa:)


08/16/2012 10:45am

Yaaay!!!! Thank you for being thankful for me! Haha! I am super thankful to have such an awesome aunt as you ❤


08/16/2012 3:20pm

Thankful for Toilet Paper because without it we would be in mess.


08/16/2012 10:45pm

Well said Todd. Well said.

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