Leopard Print…Rawr…

I was out galavanting the other day…actually, I was supposed to be grocery shopping but am so darn easily distracted…anyway, I noticed a trend.  
(Was that a mega run-on sentence or what?)
Leopard print shoes.
I’ve never been a big (or little) fan of animal prints, but for some reason I found myself being drawn to these small animal inspired foot protectors.  They were everywhere I looked so I really couldn’t help it.
Here are some that I kinda/sorta/a little bit liked. 

First up, a pair of Sperry’s.  Found at Urban Outfitter’s for $60.  Kinda cute…maybe for  someone who is part of a yacht club, but secretly wishes she lived on Jersey Shore.

Now, who wouldn’t feel sexy wearing a pair of these babies?  Christian Louboutin found at Neiman Marcus for only $895…pshhh…pocket change.  

Next up, another pair of “in my dreams” shoes.  Jimmy Choo for $795…very competitive.  I like the open toe of this wedge.  I prefer wedges over stilettos because they are soooo much easier to walk in and cause much less pain.  Hope they never go out of style! *crosses fingers*

Up next, another pair of wedges by Jessica Simpson.  $98 at Bakers.  These look comfy but a little too hairy…and a little too leopardy.  

Oh what!!?  Leopard print Converse…on sale for $53!  Not a fan of cons…my feet are wider than the west nile so they were never very easy for me to squeeze my feet into.  

How comfy do these look?  These are $79.99 at Dillard’s.  I think that maybe I could rock these…maybe.  

Okay, this pair is probably my favorite.  What?  Seriously, I think they are cute.  They’re not overwhelmed with the cat print and it has a bit of class to it.  Just not sure what I would wear them with…hmmm…  

The next couple of pics are for the bargain shoppers…or for those that might be thinking “will I wear these more than once?”.


I end this post with some pictures of the most hideous leopard print shoes I could find.


Bahahaha!! (These are men’s shoes)

I have a pair of these…just kidding…or am I?

just threw up in my mouth a little bit
I saved the best for last!


Who has leopard print shoes?

I hate comments...SAID NOONE EVER! ;-)

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