Dogs 1st Boat Excursion: Take Two (as told by Bella)

Note:  This entire post was inspired by Bella using her own views…or at least how I think she would view things…minus the ebonics/country accent.  (She has both.)

Oh my gosh!
I am so flippin excited!!
Car ride!  Car ride! CAR RIDE!
I love it!
Dad decided to take me and Jenkins out on the boat.  If he could talk, I would’ve reminded him to bring the keys this time…
He put this thinga-ma-bob on us…what the heck?
Whatever.  I just went with it.


All I have to say is “I. love. the. boat”!!  Probably more than anything…well…except for food.
Look at me!  

Aaaahhh…I love the feel of the wind blowing back my ears.
We had to go pick up mom who met up with us.

That was a tad frightening.  All that I remember is mom yelling at dad…something about crashing into the dock…whatever that means.  As long as she’s not yelling at me, I don’t care.

This is my brother Jenkins.  Sometimes he’s hard to read (screw loose if you know what I mean), but I think he had fun…in the beginning.


I don’t understand how he stays so chill all the time.  Doesn’t he ever get excited?  That’s okay…I’m always excited enough for the both of us.  I’m pretty sure mom and dad like it when I bounce all over the place…especially while in the car.  I aim to please. 🙂

My favorite place to be.  
In the lap of my dad.
Or mom.
Or anyone that will have me.
I don’t discriminate.


Look at me!
Just call me Captain Bella!

Dad thought it would be a good idea to pull the boat up to the bank so that we could go for a “swim”.  Yeah…I don’t think so.

Mom thought it would be cute to record our first encounter with the lake.  

As you saw, Jenkins hated it.  He didn’t like the water.  Oh well.  He’s such a weirdo but I still love him.  He sulked in the bottom of the boat for the rest of the evening.

All in all, I had a blast!  The whole evening was without catastrophe which is always good (especially with my family).  It was a beautiful evening and I can’t wait until mom and dad takes us out on the boat again!


dorothy wilson
08/18/2012 6:20pm

That was awesome. We use to take our dog out when we had a boat. he loved riding the float.


08/21/2012 9:53pm

Oh my gosh Dorothy! My dogs would probably freak out if I tried to put them out on a float!


08/18/2012 10:28pm

So freaking cute!!!!!


Melissa Keyes
08/19/2012 5:11am

Love it!


08/21/2012 9:53pm


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