Fall Blessings!



Happy Monday to all of you wonderful people who are reading this right now!!  Hope you all had a super amazing weekend.  Are you loving this Georgia weather?  I know that it isn’t “officially” fall right now, but we can definitely feel it’s near arrival.  My weekend flew by but it was a great one.  
Saturday, Craig and I drove down to Atlanta for our first visit to Scott’s Antique Market. It was huge…or in Donald Trump’s voice…”It was yooge!”  Sadly, we…I…didn’t find anything that I was actually looking for but we did run into this super cute booth ran by a super cute lady selling handmade gifts made out of twigs, bark, and moss.  That’s it.  I wish I would have taken pics of all the cute things she had.  My one purchase came from this booth.  A handmade lantern.

How cute is this guy?  What DIYer put all this together?  They deserve some sort of gold metal for craftiness.  I put a flameless candle in it because…you know…I’m smart.

After shopping, we came home and I made my Aunt Linda a fall wreath for her birthday.


Hope she liked it!

On Sunday, we got in a little church action…which is amazing as always.  If you live near the Acworth area and are looking for a church…try out Freedom Church!  
Then, we celebrated my late grandmother’s birthday.  We enjoyed lots of good food and good family time.  
Speaking of good food…I have to share with you the salad that I made.  Yummmmyyy!
I found it on Pinterest and it linked back to the blog espressoandcream.com.  


via espressoandcream.com
This Autumn Chopped Salad is full of deliciousness.  Pecans, pears, cranberries, feta, BACON…and poppyseed dressing.  Already planning to make it again this weekend.  Clickhere for full recipe.

I really hope that this past weekend is a precursor to a fabulous week!  
Maybe…just maybe…I will finish painting the sunroom…

How was your weekend??


Jennifer Mendoza
09/10/2012 2:17pm

I love reading your blogs when I come across them on facebook..hehehe you say some funny stuff! Good Job on blogging. You did great on the wreath! Hope you have a great week. 🙂


09/10/2012 3:01pm

thank you Jennifer! Hope you have a great week too!

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