Attempt to Fancify a Frame



I have been married to my sweet husband for one year and four months.  I still consider us as newly weds.  Still though…there are some things that should have been done by now.  Like…order wedding pictures.  Yeah…no.  We still haven’t.  
I haven’t even changed my last name yet.
Haha…just kidding.

Yesterday, I finally hung my Wedding Tree canvas on the wall.  Instead of a guestbook, I had my sister design a canvas with a wedding tree on it.  Then I had my guests “leaf” their thumb prints and they signed the canvas.  
I went to Hobby Lobby searching for a frame and apparently my frame was an odd size making it difficult to find one that fit.  So, I bought the only one they had at the time.  A plain jane black one.  


I decided I didn’t like the black so I went off and bought some antique gold spray paint and did my thang.  Wasn’t sure if I needed to, but I primed it first.


I actually did like the color it turned out to be, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it with the canvas.  

Speaking of canvas, before I started working on the frame I prepared the canvas by spraying it down with a varnish.  This is a clear coat that helps protect it from yellowing and staining.  Good to know.  

Well…I went back out again and bought more spray paint.  
Oil rubbed bronze.

Looks black again doesn’t it?  Wish I could say that it just looks black in the picture…but, sadly, it looks black in real life too.  Waaa-waaa-waaa.  It looks somewhat bronze in bright light.  
Well, thank goodness I decided to get a little creative with some frog tape.

Threw some frog tape on that frame before painting it and ended up with some bling trim.  
This is what it ended up looking like.  Nothing fancy, but way better than an unframed canvas sitting in my bedroom floor.  

The birdcage was the card holder in my wedding.  My friend Natately Childers made it.  If you ever need some help decorating or planning an event or a photographer then she’s your girl.  You can find her at her website,  She also took the picture at the beginning of this blog. 
The dried flowers you see inside the birdcage was the first bouquet I ever got from Craig…5 years ago.
Go ahead and say it…awwwww.

Looking back at the pictures I think I like the antique gold better.  
Oh flippin well.  

Who out there still have frames/pictures in their floor lying up against the wall?

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09/11/2012 9:52pm

Lu, the picture looks crooked. hahaha just kidding! Its beautiful.. yew so talon ted

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