Fall Gift Basket



I told ya’ll I didn’t mess around this weekend.
I decided to make my MIL (mother-in-law) a fall wreath…then, I decided to add the gift basket.  
Am I not the sweetest daughter-in-law ever?
After I made the gift basket, I was like, “This would make a good blog post!”
Then…I took the basket apart and put it back together again…this time taking pics along the way…
Seriously you guys, I have way too much time on my hands.
Maybe I should have a kid.
Or at least volunteer.
Everyone has hobbies right?
Some people sit around and watch hours of tv for fun.
I am not one of those peeps.

So if you have a MIL you need to suck up to, I mean, that you adore and you want to do something nice, try making them a cute and thoughtful gift basket. 
(No tutorial on how to make the wreath.  My wreaths are usually just thrown together and hit or miss 🙂 

Here is what you will need:


1.  Basket.  Any basket will do.  I have no idea where this particular basket even came from…
2. Inexpensive fall stuff.  I found this pot holder and towel set for super cheap.
3.  Fall leaves.  I had these left over from another project.  You could even use real leaves.
4.  Twine…or ribbon…or barbed wire.
5.  See #2.
6.  This was the most expensive part of the project.  Of course, you can choose your own gifts to fill the basket with, but I know that “I” would love this.  It’s a scented wax warmer…you know…like “Scentsy” except half the price.  They sell these at Wal-Mart for half the price and they smell just as good and they last a really long time and there are lots of scents to choose from and this is a really long sentence.  

I decided to wrap the warmer with the towel.


Simply place the warmer on the open towel and pull the corners to the top, tucking the loose edges in along the way.  Then tie it together at the top.  This would be cute if you had a towel with a pumpkin face on it…then the whole thing would look like a little pumpkin!

Next step is just to start stuffing the basket!


I decided to add some cute ribbon.


And a card.


The wreath.


Today, I dropped the gifts off on her doorstep so that she would come home to a surprise.
Hope she likes it!


See the doggie in the window?
Don’t you guys love to give sweet surprises!!

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09/25/2012 6:49pm

Such a nice thing to do! You are very thoughtful.


09/26/2012 9:32am

I keep checking mt door step? You are so creative and thoughtful your MIL is lucky to have a DIL like you 🙂


09/26/2012 10:05pm

I’ll keep checking your doorstep too (I just did, Im a peeper) and If I find something …then well, you’ll never know. Acutally I hope this “Melissa” is “Melisser” otherwise this comment is invalid and weird among other things.


10/01/2012 10:33am



09/26/2012 10:06pm

Oh, I forgot to add….thats freaking cute and sweet what you did! She is lucky to have you and so are cheesecake bakeries 🙂 what?


09/26/2012 10:07pm

ok one more thing, is that a stuffed fox in the window? or is that a dog?

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