Pinterest Project Fail…Almost



Hello my peeps! Happy hump day!  
Yesterday, I tried a project that I’ve been wanting to try for…a loonnnnggg time.  No sew pillow cases.  I found the project on Pinterest…like…last year.  The pin linked back to the blog Organize and Decorate Everything.  Wait a sec!  Don’t let my pillows scare you off…her’s look way better than mine do!  A few mistakes were made along the way.  That’s okay. 
Let’s move on…

The following picture is of the plain and original pillows that came with our couch.
I wanted to bring some color in without having to buy new pillows.  Plus, it would be a cryin’ shame to put these perfectly nice (boring) pillows to waste.

Bella’s boudoir pose.
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby.  Thought it would be pretty for the season.  
I then proceeded with the step by step tutorial. 

Per tutorial, you need fabric that is 3x the length and 2x width of pillow.  However, while making the first pillow I found out that you need a bit more fabric.  
I’m so lucky to have found out the hard way!

First step, I laid out the fabric and put the pillow in the middle.

Then, I folded the fabric long ways.

Second, I folded the ends in like a present.

Third step is where the trouble began.  The directions state to tie ends together in a square knot and then to tuck the ends in.  
It is hard to see, but the ends were not long enough to tie into a knot.

I had to tuck in the fabric ends and safety pin them into place. 
this is the final product.

This is the second pillow I did with the correct amount of fabric.  


This was already an extremely easy project, but here are two helpful hints to be added:
1. Get enough fabric to account for the thickness of the pillow…and then some!
2.  Choose a thin fabric.  Mine is thick and so my knot is bulky.  Boo.

Maybe one day I will learn to sew.

Oh well…you live and you learn!
(Hence the blog title)

Happy day to ya!

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09/26/2012 10:02pm

haha….you are a true tard, I think my favorite line was “I folded it like a present” …hmm, maybe that makes me the tard? Oh well…happy cheesecake to ya!


10/01/2012 10:13am


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