Pumpkin Pickin’



Happy Monday my friends.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
We went to a pumpkin patch!
Burt’s Farm Pumpkin Patch in Dawsonville, GA to be exact.
It was nice.
A bit crowded.
They did have some delicious warm apple cider and pumpkin rolls. 
Craig was on a mission to find a mega pumpkin.  Last year, he surprised me with a mini pumpkin patch in my front yard.  He’s going for “simple” this year.
He finally settled on this big guy.

He needed a little help.
Meet our friend Will.

Will ended up picking it up by himself.  
Who’s the “crossfitter” here?

Our friends Valen and Will.
(P.S. They’re getting married next year…woohoo!)


There really wasn’t much to do after we picked our pumpkins so we decided to load them up.  
Craig and Will decided to have a wheelbarrow race up the hill.

Will won.


Successful pumpkin pickin’.

The day was still young so we decided to head over to Amicalola Falls.

Is this pic better than the last?
Why does it look like a lil’ old lady dressed me?

Burt’s was fine, but if you are in the North Georgia area and want to have a fun fall day I would recommend Cagle’s Family Farm in Canton, Ga.  
We went last year and had a blast.
You do have to wait in a bit of a line but it is worth it.  Plus, it provides for good crowd control.
What’s so great about Cagle’s?
1. Pumpkins
2.  Tasty treats
3.  Corn maze
4.  Hayride which takes you to a huge area with a ton of fire pits. And they provide you with hotdogs, sticks, and a smore kit. (my favorite part)
5.  Haunted house which was actually pretty scary
So…there you go. 
Make the most of this season and go out and have some fall fun!

Have you guys ever been to Burt’s or Cagle’s?  Is there a place you would recommend where you live?  What are you doing to enjoy this season?


Nicole B.
10/09/2012 12:12pm

We went to Burt’s quite a few years ago… we had a good time, but we thought it was overcrowded & a bit overpriced. We’ve been looking for something to do on Friday while the kids are out for Fall Break. I forgot about Cagle’s!! We went there a year or two ago, tons of fun, thanks for the reminder!


10/10/2012 10:43pm

Oh I hope you have fun!!


Christina Young
12/04/2012 11:19am

Love Burts! We go during the week so it’s not as crowded. Their selection is so much better. This year we went to Yahoo Farms in Jasper. HUGE fail. Selection was so small, plus they only accept cash, we didn’t have any and there was nothing to do or look at. We had to load up our toddler with no pumpkins. Never again, only going to Burts 🙂

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