Mini Leaf Wreath


I kind of had a hard time naming this project.  The initial title was “Fall Leaf Flower with Acorn Mini Wreath”, which is just too long.  Clearly.
This project was inspired by the fact that I had a lot of stuff left over from previous projects. 
Yes…this project is the red-headed step child of projects.
Sloppy seconds.
Then again, you are most creative when you have to work with what you have.
The brain is forced to wake up.
Wish mine would wake up so that I can write this blog…

So…this is what I rounded up from my mess of leftovers.
1.  Mini wreath
2.  Acorn I stole from the jar on my entry table
3.  Leaves left over from the topiary
4.  Twigs left over from a wreath I made for my aunt
5.  Floral pin
6.  Command strip
7.  Ribbon (not pictured)

I wanted to create a flower from the leaves.
I started off with the smaller leaves and one by one poked the floral pin through them…arranging them to look like a flower.

Then, I hot glued the acorn to the middle of the “flower”.  
(Does the period go inside or outside the quotations marks?  Can anyone answer that? How’s that for random?)

Next step is to attach the flower.
My plan was to stick the floral pin in the wreath and then bend the ends to make it hold.

Well…you probably can’t see it in the pic to the left, but the pin was not quiet long enough.  
Move on the plan B.
I bent the ends as much as possible.  It was enough to hold the flower so I was happy, however, now there were two sharp ends that were left to scratch wherever the wreath was hung.
Easy fix.
Hot glue the ends of the pin to work as a protective cover.  (Pic on right) 

I was too lazy to search for my wire cutters so I just snapped my twig in half with my bare hands.  
I know…
I’m so strong it scares even me sometimes.
Then, I just maneuvered the twigs in behind the flower and they stuck there pretty well.

I decided to hang my wreath on a cabinet in my kitchen.  
I hung the command strip upside down on the inside of the cabinet door.

Choosing burlap ribbon to hang the wreath.
Just tie it in a knot and hang it.

There you have it.

I like them.

They kind of look like eyes.

Craig said they look like nipples.

Typical male.Sorry if this blog is boring.  How exciting can you make a tutorial on wreath-making?

Hope you all iwantapumpkinspicelatte have an amazing week.

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Craig Chandler
10/15/2012 11:10am

very nice job wifey!!!


10/15/2012 3:22pm

That is the best! At first they did look like eyes, but then you mentioned nipples, and there they were!


10/15/2012 9:53pm

LOL! Surprise!


10/15/2012 10:29pm

Wow.. That is gorgeous. Love it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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