Party in My Fridge!


Today I am sharing with you our adventure of purchasing a new fridge.
Below you will see our old fridge.
So many things wrong.

Broken ice maker.

This is a bowl I strategically placed to catch the leaking water.

Off track drawers = wasted space.

Craig finally got fed up with it and bought a new one.
A shiny new one.

As I was loading up our new shiny fridge…
…something happened.
Flashing lights every where.
It was like a party in my fridge.
A rave of some sort.
I constructed a poorly made video so that you can experience this fun party.
*CAUTION: May cause seizure activity*
Watch at your own risk.
Fun right?
More like annoying.
A few days later, a repair man was sent out and he couldn’t fix it.
A few days after that, they delivered a new fridge…
The poor fridge never even made it to our front door.
It laid in our driveway in many broken pieces as it fell right off that delivery truck.
Wish I would’ve caught a pic of that delivery guy’s distraught face.
…a few days later…
…a new fridge was delivered.
It worked properly.
There were no parties being held.  Ice was made.  No leaks.
Everything was perfect…
I noticed something new on our hardwood floors.
What is that?

Let’s take a closer look.
To the right is a dent.
To the left is long scratch…
…that the delivery guy tried to color the scratch in!
No wonder they were in such a hurry to leave…

Once again…I was a little annoyed.
By this point, I was over it.
I just threw a rug over it and called it a day.

Do you have any delivery horror stories you can share?

I hate comments...SAID NOONE EVER! ;-)

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