Attention Defict…Any My Husband


This is my husband…Craigster.

He is my love and fills my life with so much joy.
Seriously, I cannot imagine my life without him.
He is perfectly imperfect…
…and that’s okay…
…because I am most certainly not perfect.
Who is?

A few of you have mentioned that I should share more “Living With Craig” stories…so here you go.

Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized by inattention, distractibility, disorganization, procrastination, and forgetfulness.
Look it up in the dictionary and you will see Craig’s face.
He hasn’t actually been diagnosed by a doctor…but I’m a nurse…and nurse’s have the amazing power of diagnosing pyschological disorders.

ADD is a tough disorder and is no laughing matter.
Poor guy.
Poor me.

Let me share with you a few of my experiences.
These experiences involve booking air flights.

Experience #1
He booked a trip to Florida so that we could go support our friends at the SE Crossfit Regionals.  We…I…am packing our suitcases when suddenly Craig says “Oh no.”
“What is it?” I ask.
He states that he was checking us is in when he noticed that our flight leaves at 2pm.
The current time was 12:15.
We live a good hour from the airport and generally have to be there an hour and a half before the flight.  That’s Atlanta for ya.
We…I…freak out and start throwing random items into the suitcase.
He gets us to the airport in record time…all the while…my eyes were closed.
I wanted it to be a surprise if I were to meet my maker on that day.
We park the car and make a mad dash to the check in counter.
Yep…we were those people you see running through the airport…and thinking ‘Dummies, you should have left earlier’.
Now I have a better understanding.
Their husbands suffer from ADD.
Ended up missing our flight, but was able to catch the next one.

Experience #2
Again…he booked another trip to Florida.  This time to visit some friends.  We discussed the date and time prior to the booking, but just to be on the safe side I asked him a few nights before our flight to verify our departure time.  He did and all was good.
Fast forward to day of flight.
Our bags are packed, my sister is at the house to dogsit, and we are on our way to the airport.
Again…Craig gets on his phone to check us in when he says, “Is today Friday?”
My response…”It’s Thursday.  Why?”
“Well” he says.
“I tried to check us in but this says we leave on Friday.”
Really?  Reeeelllyyyy???
I tried to tell him to turn the car around, but he was already in vacation mode.
Even if it meant the cost of $500 to fix…

Experience #3
Last week, Craig calls me from work and tells me he just booked our time share in Lake Tahoe, CA for January 20th.
My first question was whether or not he could change the date…because guess what?  He didn’t even ask me if the date was good…and it turned out it wasn’t because of my work.
So, then he asked me if the week of the 13th was good.  I checked the schedule on my phone and reminded him about the Hot Chocolate 5K race we registered for months ago.  The races takes place the morning of the 13th.  We finally decided the week of the 6th would be best.
Shortly after our conversation, I receive an email from Delta.
It is our itinerary.
I look at it.
Departing for Tahoe on the 6th…check.
Departing for trip back to Atlanta on the 13th…FAIL!


12/03/2012 11:30pm

Y’all should really have a reality tv show, but at the same time I’m glad y’all don’t because all I would do is watch tv!


12/04/2012 10:38am



Chelsea Lowery
12/04/2012 6:09am

Do keep sharing these stories, Luisa:) I love you guys.


12/04/2012 10:39am

Heehee! Love ya’ll too!


12/04/2012 6:30am

I love you guys


12/04/2012 10:39am

Thanks Glenda! We love you too!


12/18/2012 4:12pm

Luisa, I so feel you. You’re his Executive Assistant at home and I’m his at work….Funny because I gave him the nick name of ‘AD’ along time ago when I was working in the back. LOL!


12/20/2012 11:51pm

It certainly doesn’t take too long to figure him out does it???? 🙂

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