Super Simple Wreaths



Fast, easy, and cheap…that’s me…
only while making these wreaths!
Okay, I know some of you guys may think you don’t have time for do-it-yourself projects…
but how much time have you wasted running around town looking for that one thing that you have been searching for?

I labeled this project fast.  10 minutes tops per wreath.
Don’t try to break any records though…
you may cut yourself…
Easy…technically there are only 3 steps!
Cheap…I used what I had.  Last time I checked, free means cheap.
Are you convinced that you can do this yet?
If so, just follow right along!
1.  Find some cardboard.  I used an old pizza box.  (P.S.  Money spent on pizza doesn’t count) (P.S.S. I have no idea where that pizza box came from…;-)
2.  Find something round to trace.  I used a set of mixing bowls.
3.  Cut out your circle (wreath).  I used scissors to do this.  You can use a knife or a saw, but I recommend scissors.

4.  Next, pimp out that cardboard circle and call it a wreath!

I used ruffled ribbon,  fluffy garland, and a feathery boa.
Okay, I didn’t really use a feathery boa, but you totally could.  I just happened to already have that wreath on hand.

Funny story about the fluffy garland…Years ago, after our first Christmas in our house, Craig decided to go post season shopping at Target.  He knew how much I loved Christmas and so he came home with bags and bags of bright and shiny garland.  Lots of garland…LOTS.
I wasn’t quiet sure what I was going to do with it, but I thanked him for his thoughtfulness!

What else could you use?
Cotton balls.
Fresh cut branches from your own yard.


I hung them on my wall to resemble a reindeer.
Haha! Just kidding…it’s a snowman silly!

Now my guests have something cute to look at while they are doing their business.

It took me more time to write this post than it did to do this project.

Hopefully, you have been inspired to create on a dime and in no amount of time!

Peace out peeps!

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Linda Welch
12/07/2012 9:47am

You are one awesome lady and I’m totally proud of you ❤ love & hugs ❤


12/07/2012 11:05am

Well…you are just super duper yourself!


12/07/2012 9:56am

I love you Luisa!! Well, let me rephrase…. I love your mad talented decorating skills and am so happy you are sharing them with the world in this fabulous blog! 🙂
Love the ‘oh so simple’ idea of using garland to create a wreath!! Unfortunately if you look at our house right now, you might think it’s a random day in July. There’s nothing Christmas related up yet except for the lonely Christmas card from a high school friend that Victoria put on the mantle yesterday, LOL!
So hoping it will start looking like Christmas asap and maybe I’ll even find those 10 minutes to make a wreath!
(and the office looks amazing…. you seriously need to start a decorating business!!)


12/07/2012 11:11am

Thank you Nicole! You are so nice to say such sweet things. I know it is hard sometimes to decorate for the holidays…it took me a minute to get my bootie in gear…and I don’t even have kids!!


12/07/2012 11:43am

super cute love that its in the leu lol


12/08/2012 10:19am

Haha! Thank you!


12/07/2012 3:06pm

Wow! Thanks for all of these GREAT wreath ideas! You have gotten me thinking about things around my house I could use to make a wreath! I saw your post over at Amanda’s blog, Serenity Now.


12/08/2012 10:20am

Thank you for visiting!! 🙂


12/10/2012 10:17am

there is nothing like a homemade christmas!

would love to have you stop by if you haven’t already and check out my giveaway:

happy new week to you.



12/11/2012 7:24pm

Thank you!


These are soooo cute and you make it look very easy! I love the feather wreath…adorable!


12/11/2012 7:26pm

Thank you and thank you for visiting! 🙂


12/11/2012 12:04am

Very pretty! I would love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday – Tuesday) at ‘Or so she says …” We’ve also got a fun Christmas Wish List Giveaway going on which includes a chance to win a Blend Tec. Hope to see you there!


12/11/2012 7:27pm

Thank you and thanks for the invite!


12/12/2012 8:47am

Love your pimped out wreaths!
Homa Style is having a 12 Days of Christmas link party going on now.
I would love it if you linked up your wreaths.
The link is


12/13/2012 9:33am

Thank you so much! I’ll see you there!

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