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Hi everyone!  Hope your week is off to a great start!  I just finished my shift at the hospital and I have to say it was a pretty darn good day.  I don’t get to say that very often…so when I do get to say it…I say it often!
Are you guys ready for Christmas??  I am so excited to celebrate Jesus, but also sad that it is going to be here so soon.
The hubs told me we are going to keep the Christmas decor up for as long as possible…
…he is my sole mate! Ha!
Those of you who know me personally know how much I love this time of year.  My sister came to my house last year and told me she thought that she entered into Whoville.
It’s not THAT bad…I only have…ummm…5 trees up…
Anyway…I’ve been kinda in love with the natural decor this year and according to blogland, I’m not the only one!  If you visit me on Pinterest, then you will see all of my inspiration this year.  The following 3 pictures are a few that have tickled my fancy. 
via Pint

Source: via Luisa on Pinterest

via Pinterest

So classic.
So simple.
So beautiful.
I am lucky enough that the previous owner of my home has planted many different varieties of evergreens.  I have spruce trees, holly bushes,  pine trees,  magnolia trees, and others of which I have no clue what species they are…but that’s okay!  It is so stinkin’ exciting to decorate my home for the holidays straight from my yard.  It’s like I get to use God’s beauty to to decorate the place!

The following pics are of the natural elements that I have included in my Christmas decor this year.  Forgive the poor photography…lighting is terrible in my home 😦  

First up is the magnolia wreath and garland that I made.  
I added it to my dark hallway.  I saw this in other homes and had to give it a try. 
Let me just say that this was a pain in the bootie to make!  I had to wash every single leaf before using because I really didn’t want little buggers crawling around my house.  Apparently, the back of a magnolia leaf is the perfect habitat for those kind of things…ugh.  Then, I attached every leaf one at a time to some twine.  This is how I spent my Friday night…I AM AWESOME!


On down the hallway is a little table that I simply placed a few trimmings from one of our trees into a vase…with a couple of pinecones of course! 
This is the only time of year that I actually enjoy the fallen pinecones of pine trees.  The rest of the year, they can go jump off a cliff…

If you continue down the hall, you will come to our guest bedroom.  I made a simple little swag from the trimmings of our Christmas tree.  
I like it. 

Then, there is a little chest that I filled with more trimmings and a few ornaments.
Why not?

At this point, Craig did make the statement and I quote, 
“This place is starting to look like a jungle.”
Oh welllll!!!!
Have you guys ever bought fresh bouquets from Publix?
They are the best!
Three bouquets for $12?
And they last forEVER.
The best.
This is a little arrangement in the kitchen.

Another in the dining room.


I just love it.
Can you tell?

Laters gators!!

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Linda Welch
12/11/2012 10:13am

Totally awesome!!!


12/11/2012 6:29pm

Just like you!


12/11/2012 11:32am

What fun! Love the teapot and cup!


12/11/2012 6:30pm

Why thank you mam!


12/11/2012 1:09pm

Your home looks gorgeous. Had to pin a couple of your photos. So nice to meet you 🙂


12/11/2012 6:30pm

Thank you so much and nice to meet you too!

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