2013 Home Improvement Goals



It’s that time again.
The beginning of a new year.
A chance to make and achieve new goals.
I’ve been contemplating on my goals a lot here lately.
Turns out there are a lot of them.
It’s a bit intimidating.
If I can achieve just one…
that would be great.

This post is all about my ambition to make our house more of a home.
We spend so much time here that I see no reason why it shouldn’t be exactly what we want it to be.
When I say “we”, I mean “me”.

Plus, I really think we need to take advantage of the lack of young ones while we have the chance.
Know what I mean?

First and foremost on this list of home improvement goals is to FINISH the stinkin’ sunroom.
January marks an official year that I have been working on the sunroom.
That makes a whole year that I have not been able to enjoy my favorite room.
My goal is too finish this room by the end of January.
“You can do eeeeet!”

Eye candy above.
The sunroom’s current state of reality below.

Moving on to our main living area.
I would love to build shelves surrounding our sunroom entry.
Sort of like the one’s below.
I would also like to build some sort of entertainment center.
anything would be better than this…

I had an idea to do something fun and unique with our fireplace.
I have mentioned before my interest to add some color to the brick.
I’m…almost…ready to take the plunge.
I also thought about adding an interesting accent to the oddly shaped fireplace wall.
Maybe a fun geometric pattern like in the picture below?
In the pic of our living area below, you can see how the current book shelves are entirely too small for the space.
You see the weird fireplace wall.
You can also see the sad entertainment center (right of fireplace).

Moving on to our master bedroom.
I would love to finally make this a place of retreat.
Craig would love to have the room in the pic below.
T.V. + fireplace = his perfect bedroom.
I wouldn’t go that far.
I was just thinking of hanging new curtains…ha!
The master bath is a whole other story.
The main thing I want done in this space is to expand our shower so that we actually use it.
Everything else can wait.
Unfortunately, this project goes beyond our abilities and we will have to hire someone to do the work for us.
That means we need to save up some mulah!
I feel like the genie in the movie Aladdin in this itty bitty shower space.

Also on this seemingly never ending list is the kitchen.
If I could just copy and paste the kitchen below onto our kitchen I would be happy.
Is that too much to ask?
Replace counters.
Replace backsplash.
Replace sink.
Replace light fixtures.
Add hood.
Replace appliances.
(P.S. That microwave handle is long gone now.)
More mulah.

I thought about replacing the little hutch in the breakfast area with some custom cabinets like the one’s seen below.
We’ll see.
Current hutch.

Good gravy, am I not finished yet.
I have some pretty big dreams huh?
I plan to add a little organization to the office/craft room.
The pic below is no joke.
Just keepin’ it real.

Craig has some dreams of fixing up the basement…
…and I have dreams of green grass.
Perhaps I am in a little over my head?
Perhaps I should have titled this post as,
“Home Improvement Goals For The Rest Of My Life”.
I didn’t even make it to the tiny projects or the outdoor living spaces!
Oh, well.
It’ll be fun to look back at this post around this time next year to see what has been accomplished.
Yeah, fun or maybe depressing…but definitely interesting!
Hopefully, we will get most of these projects out of the way before we have little hood rats running around.

Anyone else out there with “lofty”, “crazy”, “big-dreamin'” home improvement goals for the next year?


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