O’ Christmas Tree…


The Christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions.
Don’t you adore that soft glow it displays?
Growing up, our mom would put the tree together and add the lights and then she would let us girls go at it.
We would each hang our homemade ornaments and the personalized ornaments that our mother would give us each year.
Tears are welling up just thinking about it…
I’m such a sensitive Sally!!
Today, she still has all of our ornaments.
I know that some day I will have children and I hope to continue our families tradition.
Meanwhile, I just have a traditional tree to share.
A traditional tree in an awkward place.
As you can see, our tree “welcomes” you into our home.

The layout of our home is quiet odd.
There are no solid walls or corners.
It definitely challenges me to think creatively.
No where to place the tree here.
That bright white area is the opening to our sunroom and to the left is an opening to the breakfast area.

This is the view from the sunroom.
I think I’ve chosen the best placement for the tree…
I think…

Here are my photo bombed pictures.

I love Christmas trees so much that I have more than one.
This is my “natural” tree.
Usually it adorns my sunroom, but the sunroom is stiiillllll not finished, soooo I put it in the guest room.

Then, there is my fuchsia, black, and white mini tree in our powder room.
I shared more of this tree here.

Bedroom tree in green and brown!
I would love to keep the lights on all night but Craig freaks out if any light in on whatsoever…
boo Craig.

I have a whimsical tree down in the basement…but really…
I am just too lazy to walk down and take pics.
I know…that’s so sad.

So do you love Christmas trees?
Do you have any tree traditions?

I am sharing with these great Christmas parties…





12/13/2012 12:46pm

I love this, Luisa! Your tree and home are beautiful! Thanks for linking up!


12/20/2012 11:47pm

Thank you, and thank you for hosting!


12/13/2012 4:45pm

4 Christmas trees! Where does Santa leave your gifts? I know Craig is just getting coal…


12/20/2012 11:48pm

How did you know???


12/14/2012 8:15am

Thank you for linking up your trees at Homa Style. They are wonderful!


12/20/2012 11:48pm

Thank you so much for hosting!

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