Best of 2012…via Instagram


Hello all!  
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!  I certainly did.  Spent a lot of quality time with friends and family…which is the best!  
For the rest of the year, (what’s left of it) I am going to recap this year’s memories.  It may be in the form of photos, projects, or travels…whatever!
In this post, I will be sharing my favorite photos taken on Instagram.
I know that most of you know what Instagram is, but for those who do not, it is a phone application that allows you to take a photo and instantly edit it so that it makes you look like a superstar photographer.  Then you can share it with all of your “followers” and even on Facebook.  I started using it around summertime so the photos will be from around June-now.
Alright…let’s take a look down memory lane!

Living less than 10 miles from a large lake, Craig decided to purchase a little boat.
I really didn’t realize how much we would enjoy it, but as you can see, it ended up providing a place for us to relax and reflect in God’s glory.

Isn’t it amazing how Instagram can make Lake Allatoona look as beautiful as the ocean???  😉

In August, we visited some friends in Boston.  Then, we all took a road trip to Portland, ME.  Fun times!

Another road trip.  The hubs rented an RV and we all headed down to Biloxi, AL to celebrate my 31st!
*As a side note I must share that I would not recommend this town as a family vacation destination.*

On top of Pine Mountain with a view of Lake Allatoona.  This pic reminds me of how lucky I am to live in an area where I am able to enjoy being out in nature.

Bridge over Lake Allatoona.  Can you guess where most of our summer was spent?!

Our dog-son Jenkins in all of his fluffiness.  I got busted taking this one.

This pic is a reminder to not take for granted the beauty that is in our own back yard.

My precious nephew.

Even from work…I have to take a moment to capture God’s art.

Just a reminder.

Our babies love car rides!

The beginning of boot season!

Beauty can be found anywhere…even in the Publix parking lot!!

Queen Bella

Ending with a picture of a Christmas present from my sister and brother-in-law.  They made these coasters out of tile and mod podged our photos onto them.

Okay, that concludes the glimpse into our 2012 via Instagram.

Do you all use Instagram to capture life’s memories?
If you do, feel free to follow me and I would love to follow your special  snapshots!  You can find me under luchandler.

Have a super day!

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