DIY Subway Art Using PicMonkey



Hello all!
Happy Friday to you.  
As I am bouncing around blogland I am noticing that a lot of you are preparing for Valentine’s Day.
Guess what?
My outdoor Christmas decorations are still up.
You see…
what had happen was…

It was a cold and rainy day in Georgia.
Then, there was another cold and rainy day.
And another.
Annnddd another.
Then, it was beautiful and 70 degrees!
Of course, we were out of town at that time.
We have now been back for 4 days and it has been raining.
Every. Single. Day.
Oh well.  I don’t really care…my neighbors on the other hand…

So, back to Valentine’s Day.
I don’t really decorate for this holiday too much.
Maybe a heart here and a cupid there.
I decided to try my hand at making my own Vday subway art usingPicMonkey.
Why PicMonkey?
I choose it because I own a Mac…
and truly, I don’t really know how to use the darn thing.
It doesn’t have Microsoft Word or anything like that…at least not that I know of.  It sounds crazy and I am sure that it must have something, but I have yet to find it.
PicMonkey is really easy to use and for the most part, it is free.  Now they charge $4.99/mo for their “Royale” features.
I love the subway art floating around the inter web, but I really wanted to make my own.
Imma gonna walk you through it just in case you need assistance making your own.
First, go to pic
Click on “Edit a Photo”.

You will need to start with a clean slate.  The only way that I knew to do this was to actually take and save a picture of something white.  Then, after uploading the plain white picture onto PicMonkey, I made it super white by clicking on “Exposure” and making it as bright as possible.  I saved the super white picture so that I will always have it for future projects.
If you PicMonkey users know of an easier way to go about starting with a white picture…lemme know!

Now, you can start adding your text.
Think of some fun words or sayings that mean something to you or pertain to Vday.
Choose your text and color and size.

Have at it! 
PicMonkey is really self explanatory.

If you want, you can choose to add an overlay.  
I chose to add a heart.


As you can see, I changed my mind with the heart 🙂
Just fill the whole page with words and pictures until it is full.

Finished project.
If I could save this document to share with you guys then I would…
but like I said…
no clue how to use this mac of mine.

I don’t have the best printer, so I decided to order an 8×10 picture on for $3.99.  
Very pleased with how it turned out.  If you decide to make your own, make sure that you leave yourself enough space around the edge for the frame.  I cut it close!


Thanks for visiting me today you guys!
Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


I love pIcmonkey! Your subway looks great! Im still working on blending of fonts and spacing with mine. Fun trying though!


01/21/2013 11:10am

Thank you Kathy!


01/28/2013 5:22pm

Hi Luisa! Very nice tutorial and subway art! Thank you for sharing it with your readers!
Yer Pals at PicMonkey


01/29/2013 10:53am

Wow! Thank you for visiting me! I’m obsessed with your services! You guys are doing a fantastic job!

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