World Domination


…starting with Craigster’s home office.
Okay…I’m being a bit dramatic.
I’m not really trying to take over the world, but I did take over the hub’s home office.  I didn’t mean to.
It just kind of…
He never uses it anyway!

It truly is difficult to work on projects when you are having to work with this…

I just went there.
Not really sure how that happened.  It just slowly built up over time and boom!  An explosion occurred.
I started “Operation Organization” last week and this room was my first stop.
I just made that up…”Operation Organization”…it sounds important doesn’t it?
Craig gave me the okay to “take over” his office and turn it into a little craft room.
He could have banished me down into the basement, but I am glad that he decided against that idea.  There is nothing wrong with the basement…it’s just a little lonely.
I searched the web for some inspiration and ideas.  The following are some of my favorites.

I love Brook’s craft room.  My room is not big enough to implement all that she has but nevertheless it is one of my favorites.

Source: via Luisa on Pinterest

Belinda created a super cute memo cork board by painting four smaller boards and hanging them together.  I could do that…

Source: via Luisa on Pinterest

Karen made this string holder by painting tin cans and attaching it to a piece of wood.  She even added a place for scissors and measuring tape.  I love upcycled projects!
I pretty much adore every little thing that Bec has done to this room.

Source: via Luisa on Pinterest

The following two rooms exhibits nothing less than some beautiful eye candy.
Who knows what I’m going to come up with, but I’ll be glad to have it done.
I’ll be happy just to see the floors again
Spring cleaning is just around the corner and I’m getting a head start.
Hope you guys are having a super fantastic day!


02/11/2013 10:42am

I’ll have to keep these ideas in mind myself for my crafts. I overrun the kitchen when I work on mine!!


02/12/2013 8:50am

I’m right there with ya!


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