No Sew Curtains


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That’s where I need to be.
Sewing school.
For now…I will just continue to cheat my way into pretending like I am a little miss susie homemaker.
Did you all have a happy love day?  I remember back before I was married, how I used to celebrate being single.  Aaahhh…the memories.
Is it weird that I would buy myself flowers?
Hope not…because I still do!!

I usually leave our Vday celebration up to my love, but this year I told him that I wanted to plan the evening.  It ended up being one of the most low key, relaxing evenings ever and we loved it.
We were not allowed to use our phones, computers, or turn on the television.  I thought Craig was gonna poop is pants when I told him!  We then enjoyed a home cooked meal, a fire pit, our devotional, and a little pool.
How comfy does this guy look?

Notice anything strange about this envelope?
Who the heck is “LUSIA”?

On to the topic at hand.  I follow Young House Love (who doesn’t?) and they recently posted about hanging some curtains using the no sew method.  When I saw how easy it was…I was enamored.  How did I not even know this magical  hem tape existed?  At that moment, I declared an emergency visit to Joann’s/Micheal’s/Hobby Lobby/Home Decor Mart.
Once I finally decided on my fabric of choice, my next plan of action was to decide on the placement of my future curtains.
I visited my personal decorator (Houzz) and got some ideas.
Bear with me as I attempt to explain my thought process.  The first two photos show curtains hung just above the doors.
(P.S. the curtains I am making are for french doors.)
I’m not a big fan of this look.  It seems to make everything seem bunched together.
The next two photos show curtains hung at ceiling height.  This is the look that I prefer.  It really opens up the area and makes it look more grand.
This next pic seems to have gotten awkwardly confused with the rod kind of in the middle…but not really.
This is how my dining room looks.
*slaps forehead*
I was looking for a fabric with the color coral in it.  Not easy.  Plus…there are so many different shades.  Finally, after much deliberation, (I know…the decisions I have to make…so life altering)  I decided on this one from Joann’s.  One thing that I learned…
…fabric is stinkin’ expensive!
Thank goodness for the Joann’s app with the 40% coupon…woop!
Actually, I looked this fabric up today to get the name of it and it is now 50% off.

The magical tape.

I’m not going to go into great detail on how to measure for curtains.
Somewhat because it all depends on how you prefer to hang them, but mostly because I messed up while measuring mine.
Even though there are about a million tutorials out there already, I’m going to go ahead and show you how this amazing event went down.
I got this party started by folding the fabric in half so that I could make a nice even cut for both panels.

Clearly…Bella is a fan.

After following the directions on hem tape is when the magic began to happen.

Amazing right?
Or is it kind of sad that I am getting so excited over this?
It took me about 40 minutes to do the first panel, but then after getting the hang of it, the second panel only took 30.
Next, the joy of hanging the rod.  I just hate all the measuring and marking and dropping the screw when your at the top of your ladder.
Once the rods were in place, all that I had to do was hang the curtains with these ring clips.  (Another amazing invention.)

Finally…I could step back and admire my work!

So…my plan failed.  I only wanted a couple of inches of wall showing at the top and didn’t take into account the space that the rings provided.
Know what that means?
Have to redo the dang rods.
Oh well.
It got done and it was worth it.  Very pleased with how they turned out and super excited that the craft room is almost finished!

So…until I do learn to sew…and I will…I am a fan of this method.
It really was super easy…I could probably train Bella to do it.
Hardy har har.
Okay…that’s enough.

So…do you like me curtains?
Have ye tried this technique?
Why am I speaking with an Irish dialect?

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Craig Chandler
02/15/2013 10:40am

nice job!!!!


02/15/2013 10:49am

You are sweet 🙂


Deb D.
02/15/2013 4:10pm

Luisa, they look terrific…very professional!! There is also a way to use the clip-on rings by attaching to the backside of the fabric a few inches down from the top edge. This creates a pleated look, but the rings don’t show at all. Different look, but you wouldn’t have had to move your rod up. Great job…I love DIY blogs!!!


02/18/2013 12:36am

I was just going to suggest the same thing! House of Hepworth’s has a tutorial:


02/18/2013 11:34am

Thanks for the tips you guys!

This looks fantastic, and I love that it’s no-sew! Like you, I prefer ceiling-height curtains. Yours looks absolutely stunning… and your husband looks utterly relaxed in that photo!

I’d love if you’d come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.


02/26/2013 10:20am

So glad that you liked and thank you for the invite!


02/19/2013 5:39pm

Oh man – they look fantastic!! I LOVE that pattern. And anything no-sew – I’m so game for. And I’m also the biggest fan of curtains that go up to the ceiling. They always look so beautiful. Changed my life when I read a post on the Nester and she talked about doing that. I did it with the next set of curtains I bought and I fell in love with the way they made our room look.


02/20/2013 9:22pm

Woohoo! Glad you like them 🙂


02/19/2013 9:50pm

I came over to check out the cute dog,,,,,is it a poodle? I love poodles, I have 4. In any case he is cute. Oh and the curtains are cute too (smile)


02/20/2013 9:20pm

Hi Janice,
She is a bichon-poo and we also have a mini poodle. The hubby wants a labradoodle…but not sure if I could handle another! They really are the best! 🙂 How do you manage 4 poodles? Wish we could. Thanks for stopping by!


02/25/2013 1:28pm

hehehe LUISA!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the curtains! I’m glad I’m not the only one who used heat-bond! I pinned!! 🙂

Thanks for linking up at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! See you tomorrow evening! 🙂


02/26/2013 10:22am

Woohoo! Super glad you liked and thank you so much for pinning and for the sweet comment! 🙂

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