Looking A Little Seedy Around Here

Veggie seedy that is.
If this is your first visit, you should know that I started this blog to chronicle this thing we call life.
Every day is a new day and every day we learn at least one thing.
Don’t you agree?
This post is about the beginning of our journey to growing food…

…and hoping that it will survive long enough to make it into our bellies.
Let me be perfectly clear here.  I have absolutely no experience with growing food.
Wait…that’s a lie.
I actually grew up on a farm.  My grandparents had a huge garden, cows, pigs, chickens.  I can remember those dreadfully hot summers, when all the family were called under the big oak tree to harvest the corn.  Us “kids” were in charge of the shucking.  Hated it.  It wasn’t the shucking that I hated, but it was that disgustingly fat worm that I would find about every 10 ears.
I was a kid and I thought it was gross!
I can handle insects these days.  I’m a big girl now.
I can remember stringing peas with my grandmother and following behind my grandfather dropping the potato heads where he had just made a hole.
These were “chores” and being a kid I really wasn’t a big fan.
Now though, I look back and really cherish those memories.
I’m going to have to move on now before I start getting all emotional and stuff!So…I guess you could say that this is my attempt to go back to my roots.
I even want to get a few hens!
I definitely didn’t see this coming, but it is here and so I am moving forward with it!
I ran across this super awesomely cute blog, Farmhouse 38 and she shared how she decided to start her seeds this year…and it inspired me to do the same.
Below is a pic from her blog.

She recycled toilet paper rolls to use as planters.
I’m all about recycling so I decided to “roll” with it.
Get it?
“Roll”…with it.You can visit these other recycling projects I’ve shared:
Upcycled Tin Cans
Upcycled Shoeboxes
Only if you want to. 😉
I saved up some rolls and cut them all in half.  The great thing about using these is that they are biodegradable and all that I have to do is stick it in the ground.
Easy peasy…
…that is if the seeds even make it that far.
Living with Craig, we go through ALOT of TP and he won’t deny it.

It’s important to use seed starting mix and NOT potting soil.

Through my extensive online researching (aka: playing on Pinterest), I read somewhere that it helps to pre-moisten AND warm the soil.  I was planning on using this tip, but then decided to just moisten the soil with warm water.
Sounded good to me!

Next, I lined up my rolls in a flat, plastic, and clear storage bin.  I then filled my lined up rolls and inserted the seeds as directed on the packets.
I gave them a little more water, placed the lid on (to retain moisture) and put them someplace warm.

Oh…I also sprinkled a little cinnamon on them.  Why?  It’s supposed to prevent fungus from growing in the moist and warm environment.
Will it ever work?
Yo, I don’t know!
(name that song)
I’ll give you a hint…it rhymes with “dice, dice daby”.

The fun part was creating the little veggie markers.
I used pop cycle sticks, black duct tape, and a white paint sharpie.

I stuck the middle of the stick on a piece of tape and folded the tape over itself, forming a little flag.
Then, I cut it in half.

Labeled and ready to go!
I was going for the “chalkboard” look, thinking real chalk would probably wash away when put outside.
What do you think?
Hopefully these will last a really long time since I used waterproof duct tape and a sharpie.

(It should be noted that I did not plant the lavender, as I discovered that it is a high-maintenance little seed.)
Feel free to visit my research library…err…my Gardening Board on Pinterest.  You’ll find a lot of tips on southern gardening as well as some other fun stuff!
Well, that’s it!  You guys wish us luck on this new journey and please let me know if you all have any tips!
Update:  This post was featured! Yippee!

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03/14/2013 8:25am

I started over 300 pumpkin plants in toilet paper tubes last year and they did great…Just be sure to leave a lot some good air space between the tubes. I only lost 3 seedllings out of 300 and they all were very healthy! Way to go and good luck!

03/14/2013 9:26am

THANK YOU Danni for the tips and encouragement! I really appreciate it 🙂

Oh my goodness Luisa this is so handy!!! Thanks for sharing this. I have been known for my black thumb, and I have been toying with the idea of planting seeds for a few weeks now – I do believe I will try your method, even if just for the super cute flags!

03/14/2013 11:52am

Love this idea. My husband and I have been discussing getting the garden started. So funny about the worms! My dad was a farmer also; and I HATED to find those worms! I always volunteered for the the de-silking part because the shucks had already been pulled off. Lol.

12 thoughts on “Looking A Little Seedy Around Here

  1. Christy @ Confessions of a Serial Do-it Yourselfer

    Love this idea for using duck tape and popsicle sticks! I redid my entire front and back yard landscaping last year and never marked anything thinking I would remember what I planted! But wouldn’t you know it as I’m peeking around my garden starting to see my little friends emerge, I can’t remember half of their names! Luckily I kept the tags…I haven’t seen a cuter way to mark them than this! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Doreen Sargente

      I do believe we are kindred spirits! I too try to learn something new every day. Blogging makes that pretty easy, agreed?

      Toilet paper rolls for seedlings? Who knew?! Stopping by from Cozy Little House and I’m so happy to have found you. Have a great day!

    2. Luisa Post author

      Haha! I’ve done that before and then the next year I was sweetly surprised as plantings popped up that I forgot I planted…then there was the few that I thought “I don’t remember planting that…
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Luisa Post author

      Hi Lora! Just wanted to let you know that by the time the seeds sprouted I did have a little bit of “hair” fungus growing, but it quickly went away once I started exposing the plants to sun. Maybe I should have used a little more cinnamon?

  2. Pingback: I Saw the Sign! |

  3. Jenny

    I must have missed this post some how!! Thanks for the cinnamon tip! I’ve never heard that. And those little flags are so cute. Crafty chica lol. Pinning!


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