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O’ Christmas Tree…


The Christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions.
Don’t you adore that soft glow it displays?
Growing up, our mom would put the tree together and add the lights and then she would let us girls go at it.
We would each hang our homemade ornaments and the personalized ornaments that our mother would give us each year.
Tears are welling up just thinking about it…
I’m such a sensitive Sally!!
Today, she still has all of our ornaments.
I know that some day I will have children and I hope to continue our families tradition.
Meanwhile, I just have a traditional tree to share.
A traditional tree in an awkward place.
As you can see, our tree “welcomes” you into our home.

Mantle + Candles=Mandles or maybe Cantle?


Hi everyone!
Slowly but surely it’s starting to look a little like Christmas around here.
Last year, I was finished with all my decorating before December even started.
This year, not so much.
Can’t get my bootie in gear for some reason.
I didn’t plan to decorate the mantle this way…it just kinda happened…and I am kinda happy that it did.
It’s soooothing.
Just throw on a little Buble and I’m set.