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Sunroom Love: Update

Hey hey!  Guess what I’ve been doing the last couple of days?  
Give up?
I’ve been working on my sunroom!  Took a few months off and then realized that fall is just around the corner…which means I am 8 months into updating my sunroom.  Wow.  Seriously thought that it would only take me a couple of months.  Just in case you missed it the first time you can read about the sunroom’s first introductionhere.
Last Sunday, I sat down and made myself a schedule of things that were going to get done this week.  I’m not really a “schedule type” person, but I thought I would try.  
On Monday, I was supposed to fill in nail holes and paint ceiling beams. 
On Tuesday, I was supposed to paint window trim and pull up old tile. 
I gave myself 6 hours total to do this.
Needless to say, I am a bit off schedule…like…still-need-to-finish-beams,-window-trim,-and-tile off schedule.  
Golly geez.
Well, in the meantime, I am trying to figure out what color the walls will be.  I threw up two of my favorite picks on different corners of the room.  
I love to paint.
It’s relaxing.
I’m weird.
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Endless Process


Home sweet home.  I feel so very blessed to have a place to call home.  It truly is my refuge and my place of comfort.  The one place I can lay back and relax…or is it?
Right now, as I am typing this, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about all that needs to be completed in this so-called “retreat”.  
Before I go any further, I want to make a public apology to you all for any grammatical errors that I may make.  I realize that my blogs consist of run-on sentences, misplacement of commas, and too many periods.  This may frustrate some of you and for that I am sorry…truly.  That is all. 🙂
Alright, back to the endless process of home improvement.  I love improving things, but I will admit that I have had thoughts of regret about having bought an older home.  I haven’t even finished decorating some of our rooms and I am already getting tired of the ones that have been decorated.  Does this happen to anyone else?  It’s kinda like my tastes have changed.  I think my main problem is that I like soooo many different styles and it is hard for me to decide on one particular design or be happy with something before I want to change it again.  It’s like I have decorating ADD.  
Take my powder room for instance.  It was the first room we…I…decorated. Mostly because it was the smallest, easiest, and cheapest room.  This was the room when we moved in. 

One Extreme to Another

Oh man…yesterday I did squat diddly (that’s a word).  No really…nuh-theeeeeng!  Ever have one of those days? Silly question.  The thing about it is that I had a butt-load of things to get done. At the end of the day I despised my useless self.   
However, I was not going to let laziness ruin today.  Crossfit and cook dinner were the only 2 things that I didn’t get to do.  (Don’t worry, Craig brought dinner home) 
So, what got done today at the Chandlers?  
1.  Got the whole house clean!! Okay, I had a little help.

Sunroom Love


Happy Sunday!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was fulfilled with a bunch of…nothing.  Okay.  Maybe that isn’t exactly true.  I did hang out with some pretty awesome people and tried out some new wine…which is always exciting.
Now, to the topic of interest. The sunroom.  The sunroom in our home stole my heart the first time that I laid my eyes on it.  There really wasn’t anything “special” about it per say.  It was more about the idea of having a house with a sunroom.  I saw it and I day dreamed of lying on a comfy chaise, reading a wonderful novel (50 shades)(wink wink) or napping surrounded by beautiful houseplants in the warmth of the sunlight.  Well, it has been two years and those dreams have yet to come true.  So…at the beginning of this year, I made it my goal to redo my sunroom.  Yep.  You heard right.  I have been working on my sunroom since Jaaaannnnuuuuaaarrrryyyyyyyy.   Gaaaahhhh!!!  Definitely thought it would be finished by now.  Oh well.
Let me introduce you to the sunroom.  

New Roof



So, we replaced our tired, worn out roof (above) yesterday.  Picking out a new roof is tough! I finally decided on this one. (below) 

I heart its multicolored shingles and thought it would be a nice change to the plain black shingles that covered our heads.  Notice I keep saying “I”.  This is because my husband had no input what…so…EVER.  So in all of my excitement, I run out the door to see my new roof and this is what I find.

What is this? *Tears running down face*
Where are my architectural shingles?  Where are all the colors?  Pretty dramatic huh?  
Turns out there was a bit of miscommunication between my wonderful, loving husband and the roofer…at the fault of my wonderful, loving husband. *sighs*  
Not a happy camper right now. I know, it’s not the end of the world.  I should be thankful to have a new roof and I am.  I am thankful to have a roof over my head period.

Just wish it wasn’t boring and the goofiest looking roof on the block! 😛  It really does look a bit funny with the red brick…

Can anyone guess the lesson I learned with this experience?

Onto a brighter note…


My lilies are getting ready to bloom. Yay! Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them for at least one day before the deer decide to gobble them up.

Until next time!


06/23/2012 4:26pm

I heart you


Luisa Chandler
06/23/2012 8:52pm

And I heart you as well 🙂