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Dogs 1st Boat Excursion: Take One


Bella the Brat…I mean the Beauty 😉
Look at that face.  How cute is she?  Such a sweetie…well…except when she snaps at our guests…and picks fights with the neighbor’s Great Dane.  Other than that, she is very lovable.  

Jenkins the Weirdo…I mean Wonderful
Our baby number two.  We saved this guy from the pet store.  He was stuck in that cage for about 5 months.  Poor guy…no one wanted to buy him.  After some convincing from Craig, I agreed to get him.  He is such a good dog.  Obeys…but dang…he is the oddest dog I’ve ever met.  There is no way to put it into words, you would just have to meet him.  
This is what he looked like when we first met him…  

He’s come a long way.

I’ll bet you thought this post was gonna be about the dogs first trip out on the boat and not just a bunch of random pics.  
Well…this is what had happened…
We got everything loaded up.  The towels.  The leashes.  The life vests.  We drive up to the lake and get all settled in the boat.  We are ready!
Where is the key?
Yep…it happened…only to us.  We left the key at home.  Oh well…we tried.
Please tell me we aren’t the only ones who have “dumb” moments like these? 



08/02/2012 1:30pm

I have those moments regularly.


08/02/2012 6:34pm

OMG!!! There will NEVER be another couple like you two!!! LOVE IT and ya’ll !!!!

New Roof



So, we replaced our tired, worn out roof (above) yesterday.  Picking out a new roof is tough! I finally decided on this one. (below) 

I heart its multicolored shingles and thought it would be a nice change to the plain black shingles that covered our heads.  Notice I keep saying “I”.  This is because my husband had no input what…so…EVER.  So in all of my excitement, I run out the door to see my new roof and this is what I find.

What is this? *Tears running down face*
Where are my architectural shingles?  Where are all the colors?  Pretty dramatic huh?  
Turns out there was a bit of miscommunication between my wonderful, loving husband and the roofer…at the fault of my wonderful, loving husband. *sighs*  
Not a happy camper right now. I know, it’s not the end of the world.  I should be thankful to have a new roof and I am.  I am thankful to have a roof over my head period.

Just wish it wasn’t boring and the goofiest looking roof on the block! 😛  It really does look a bit funny with the red brick…

Can anyone guess the lesson I learned with this experience?

Onto a brighter note…


My lilies are getting ready to bloom. Yay! Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them for at least one day before the deer decide to gobble them up.

Until next time!


06/23/2012 4:26pm

I heart you


Luisa Chandler
06/23/2012 8:52pm

And I heart you as well 🙂